“Lay off me, I’m starving”!

I loved being pregnant! Well, for the most part anyways. The first trimester was a bit of a doozy. Not too long after we got the confirmation the dreaded morning sickness hit me like a bloody freight train. I definitely know lots of gals who would throw up non stop, I just always had that wonderful nauseous feeling but could not throw up for the life of me.

So, when we went for our first little ultrasound at 7 weeks ( one of the nice things about having to have gone through the fertility clinic), I told the Doctor how utterly crappy I was feeling. She took one look at me and said, “Oh honey, you need to take Diclectin”. What is this magical little pill , you may ask?! Well, it is a basically Vitamin B-6 and an antihistamine. Completely safe for pregger girls to be on. Yes, I was one of those pregnant gals that even did not suck on one cough drop! 😑

All hail mighty “D”, I bow down to thee! I was popping those puppies like they were Tic Tacs. They were absolute lifesavers! If it was not for those little beauties I would have been tucked in the fetal position for 3 months straight.

I think before I felt those little flutters, being pregnant almost felt surreal. It was when I can actually could feel this little Bean moving around, it was really happening. I had wondered if any other mom’s had been in awe thinking that they were growing an actual little human!! What an awesome and sometimes scary thought!

And once we actually got to see or little muffin in the ultrasounds, it was amazing. I was so grateful to be living in this day in age where we had the option of actually seeing our babies, in real time while still in our womb! I remember thinking, “oh, so those are your little tootsies I feel slamming full speed into my ribs”. Yes yes, those jarring pains are so worth it. And naturally, we could not wait to find out the sex! If you can be prepared, why the heck not.

I felt so proud of my bump! It was the best accessory this gal has every worn! I loved getting dressed everyday. I was so thankful to be pregnant in a time where showing off your bump was the norm and thought to be cute. Gone were the days of wearing dresses that looked like oversized table clothes, no offence Kristie Alley. Although your fashion made me cringe your perfermance in Look Who’s Talking was golden. 💁🏼‍♀️

Us gals could stick our bellies out with pride! How refreshing to not have to suck in my tummy! I had to laugh when my husband caught a glimpse of just how high my maternity tights really went! If I could have pulled them up to my armpits, I would have!

Not going to lie to you, I certainly enjoyed all the attention that was bestowed on me. It made me feel so darned special. Everywhere I would go, people would give me these encouraging smiles and often ask when I was due etc. Heck, people would let you go first in lines, give up their seats for you and even give special treats. This one time, while in a gas station, I mentioned that I was craving a nice doughnut. All of a sudden, the cashier disappeared and came back with a little bag. She literally gave me the doughnuts she had bought for herself! She definitely was my fairy godmother for the day!

Also, who would not want to take advantage of the rockstar parking for expectant Mother’s?!! Why, don’t mind if I do, Walmart! Less chance of me pulling my groin while speed walking to get my snacks cause let’s face it,  this momma had to eat and frequently!

Everything was peachy keen as long as I ate every hour. Seriously, every bloody hour. Everyone around me learned quickly that if I did not consume food within that timeline, I would turn into a turbo beotch. Or, for a better description, I would morph into Chris Farley from the gap girl’s skit! “Lay off me, I’m starving!!!” 😳😳

Honestly the good outweighed the bad for me, once I got through that first trimester. As a member of the tb crew (tiny bladder), I brought my phone into the bathroom and lurked away on all my fav social media sites, watch shows and maybe squeezed in the odd candy crush game. 😜

Once I had my last ultrasound we discovered little Godiva was feet first. So, we had two choices, which were to try to move her around ( this made me made feel like gagging about how gross and painful that would feel), or just leave it be to see if she would move around herself. After we mulled it over, we just said we would see what happens naturally.

As I approached my due date, no movement. Our little toots was determined already! So, this meant a scheduled c section. Bring on the new adventure and , more importantly, the epidural.

3 thoughts on ““Lay off me, I’m starving”!

  1. You absolutely rocked being pregnant, just like you are rocking being a mom! Thanks for sharing your story. Your voice comes through so well!

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