Tantrum Shantrum?!

Newflash. Toddlers are wankers. Adorable cuddly little wankers. In the blink of an eye , that little angel of yours mutates into a flailing incoherent monster. A pint-sized monster capable of mass destruction and exhausted parents. The little Jekyl/Hyde thing most toddlers have going on is the cause of a constant eye twitch to a […]

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Resolution solution 💕

New year, new me…am I right guys?! Man, how do I even start to figure out what the heck my resolutions even be. And, let’s be real have I ever really stuck to them?! I will make 2019 my beotch! Where do I start?! BUNS O’ STEEL: Ok, yes…of course I know and understand the […]

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Holy sleep deprivation, batman!

Nothing , and I mean nothing, prepares you for the complete zombie-like state you are in when you have a new baby. I look back to those days and wonder how I even functioned. I could have starred in the Night of the living Dead with those Uncle Fester’s I was sporting. Yikes. As soon […]

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