Resolution solution πŸ’•

New year, new me…am I right guys?! Man, how do I even start to figure out what the heck my resolutions even be. And, let’s be real have I ever really stuck to them?! I will make 2019 my beotch! Where do I start?! BUNS O’ STEEL: Ok, yes…of course I know and understand the […]

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Toddlers, planes and automobiles!

Yesterday I totally conquered my anxiety of travelling with a 1 1/2 year old. This took months of psyching myself and reciting the wonderful, ” what is there worst that could happen”, cognitive behaviour therapy technique. Let me tell you, I literally thought of everything and anything that could happen. Oh my god, what is […]

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Where are the simple pleasures?!

As Halloween has come and gone, it really got me thinking about HOW different my child’s life will be than mine was. Why Halloween made me think this, you may ask?!! Well, let me tell you why. This next generation will never know the built up anticipation of waiting weeekkks to watch a music video. […]

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