Where are the simple pleasures?!

As Halloween has come and gone, it really got me thinking about HOW different my child’s life will be than mine was. Why Halloween made me think this, you may ask?!! Well, let me tell you why.

This next generation will never know the built up anticipation of waiting weeekkks to watch a music video. And, not just ANY music video…Micheal Jackson’s Thriller. This video only came on during Halloween time. I can remember being so excited to watch every delicious moment. From Vincent Price’s iconic and haunting laugh to the best choreography I have ever witnessed! What made it even better was if I caught it just in time to record it onto VHS! Yessss!!!

It truly saddens me that this new generation will never go to a Blockbuster or local friendly video store to pick out movies! I would so look forward to weekend when my pals and I walked down and check out all the selections! And, maybe when nobody was looking go into the “adult section” for a little peak! Talk about eye opening. 😳

While I am on the subject of VHS, how about the art of making a killer mixed tape! Oh yesss, this was a process that took days or even weeks to get it just right. It took nina like reflexes and pure dedication! I can remember the many times I bolted to my ghettoblaster to catch the very beginning of my favourite top 40 hits.

There was nothing worse than tuning to your favourite radio station only for THE song you had been waiting for to just be ending!! Oh the humanity! Now you had to wait hours or even days to catch it again. But, after all that time you put in , you had THE perfect mixed tape to listen to in your awesome Walkman..then later on a Discman (with you amazing mixed CD).

I was very fortunate to grow up in the beautiful Kootenays where we had a Drive in movie theatre! For less than 8 bucks you got TWO movies!! What a steal of a deal!

You packed up your cooler with snacks, and loaded your car to the brim with people. And, when I say loaded, I literally mean as full as you can get it. Not going to lie, we may have snuck the odd person or two in the trunk!!! What dare devils we were! 😜 Of course, if you really wanted to be a rotter, you parked near the bottom of the hill and you could sneak the movie.

I feel as though because times were a bit more simpler, things were more exciting in a way. Who can forget waiting all week for TGIF on tv! Yaaaaasss!! This was the best line up of tv and it made Friday’s all the more special. I think we all eagerly tuned in to see what crazy antics ol’ Steve Urkel was up to, the pearls of wisdom Danny Tanner would bestow on the girls, and how cute Kody was on Step by Step!

Saturday mornings were the bees knees for one main reason…cartoons!!! Yup, Saturday was the only day cartoons were on. It was so special to be able to lounge in your jammies and get lost in Bobby’s World, sleuth around with Inspector Gadget, see what Launchpad McDuck was up to up and watch the Gummi Bears save the day!

Sunday’s where all about Disney! It was Sunday ABC movie night, or the Wonderful World of Disney, if I may. Nothing better than enjoying a movie during family taco night. 😜

Don’t get me wrong, it is AMAZING to have millions of movie titles and tv series, new and old, at our fingertips. I for one am a huge fan of a Netflix and chill evening. But, by Netflix and chill, I mean binge watch 10 episodes of juicy series accompanied by a trough of snacks. 😜

And YouTube is one of the most amazing things ever invented, in my opinion. You can literally find any video your heart desires! Which means, our generation can share all our favourite shows like Fraggle Rock, The Racoons, Today’s Special and The Muppets with our little ones anytime we desire. As wonderful as this is, I just feel that having to wait for these shows to be on made it all the more special.

We live in such an instant gratification society and I know it is just the way it is. I love having everything at my fingertips but, man I miss those simpler times.

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