C Sections and Cankles for days.

So , I NEVER, EVER imagined myself giving birth naturally, drugs or no drugs.

So let me explain. I have seen and witnessed a few births in person. I thought it was the most amazing and breath taking thing I had ever seen. I was in complete awe of what my friend was capable of! I thought, what an amazing woman!! She was such a champ and in fact made it look easy.

Walking back to my car, I really had started to think. Man, was I going to do that?! Would I be capable of doing that? How the heck would my husband be in the situation? What is I, uh, pooped on the delivery table?!

Fast forward to when I was pregnant with Holly Dolly. We were told we HAD to attend a prenatal class. So, we choose the 8 hour one. What a long day that was. Of course, my husband was working out of town during that time and this was on one of his only 5 days off. Oops, sorry hun.

It was only a class of 5 other couples, who were lovely. The RN teaching the class had worked in labour and delivery for over 30 years and seemed very nice. As she started to explain how the day would unfold and what subjects would be covered it became very apparent that she was VERY pro natural birth vs. medicated birth.

I am not kidding, she literally spend 95 % of the class talking about how amazing natural birth is, how amazingly connected it was going to bring my husband and I and how it was so much better for baby. And of the little she spoke of drugs used for comfort she had nothing good to say. Biased much lady?!!! 😑

As we started going through all “comfort stations”, I could see my poor husbands face. He pulled me aside and asked, “Um, totally fine if yes, but am I going to have to rub your back and sway with you for like 30 hours?!” Oh hell noooooo, I am having drugs!! He instantly looked a lot more at ease.

So, after finding out we were to have a scheduled c-section, I was oddly relieved? I was aware it was major surgery and would be a longer and painful recovery. But, I was not upset but just accepted it and felt positive about it. Perhaps this a hint that my little darling daughter would be spirited right from the get go! 😜

So, we were told that on April 7 th we would meet our little bean! I can remember being nervous, excited and it feeling very surreal. After being monitored and getting prepped off they wheeled me to the delivery room

It was stark white, bright and freezing!!! Oh boy, now it was real and I was very scared. But it sure helped to have a team of 10 people ( nurses, doctors and the person I loved the most..the anesthesiologist!!) I am all about the more the merrier, that is in a hospital setting. I personally feel comforted knowing there are many hands there to take care of me.

I ungracefully shimmied onto the table and took a deep breath. My boyfriend, oh, I mean the anesthesiologist, told me the freezing was going in. “Holy sweet baby Jesus, that hurt way more than I had anticipated but then it all was lovely after that. My dear friend was right, my legs would feel like peppermints!

Once I was lying down, my hubby was ushered back in. It was showtime. This part was all a blur, but according to my lovely husband it only took 15 minutes from start to end. All I could feel was pulling and pushing on me! Weird!

I held my breath until I heard that first little wee cry. Phewwww, all is well. After showing me little Holly, they whisked her over to check her out and assess her etc. As I was lying on the table, I remember looking over to see the look of admiration and joy on Jamie’s face.

I had never witnessed the look of pure love. I remember feeling the biggest lump in my throat. Holy cow, we are parents!!!! After all the months of feeling that unexplainable bond with that little babe, she was here! And, once she was given the once over, I finally got to hold that little dickens. So many emotions!!

The funny thing is, no matter how much I thought I knew about a situation, this being a c section, I HAD no clue of what it would be like afterwards.

For starters, you are pumped full of roughly four litres of fluids! Four litres, people! When I looked at pictures taken on the maternity ward, I was shocked. I somewhat resembled the dude who’s head blows up on Big Trouble In Little China!!! If you are not familiar with this little magical movie, here is what u am talking about, well minus the steam coming out!

Oh yes, and eventually most of that fluid settled nicely in my legs and ankles. Super. I looked down at my legs and did not even recognize them! Talk about elephant trunk legs…and they did not go down for weeks!!

Also, I had no idea how I would be bed ridden for that long. I realized I had an epidural and it would freeze the dickens out of me…but it lasted longer than I thought. Although this was delicious in many ways ( pains etc), I felt helpless that I could not help with Holly. For example, when Holly had the meconium poop, poor jamie was on his own. Although it was funny to watch him attempt to clean up, I was sad I did not get to.

And, let me tell you, when that freezing finally started to wear off…yowzers. This became very apparent when the nurse told me to get up and walk to the bathroom. This, usually not a big feet was like my Mount Everest. Holy pain…and it for over me in waves.

You knew what though, I have to say I am so grateful for how everything went. The good, the bad and the ugly. I can not stop being amazed at what a woman’s body is capable of.

To all the women who endured hours and hours of painful labour, to the ones who had c sections ( scheduled or emergency) you are all amazing. Once you get to snuggle that little bundle, it truly makes it all worth it. Every single uncomfortable and painful moment.

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