Ohhh, so THAT is how you get pregnant?! πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜

Oh hey there, my name is Jen Burnett and I am a chronic oversharer. There, I said it. I have always been that way. Perhaps it is my own kind of coping mechanism for insecurity? Maybe if I point it out first, it would stop others from bringing it up?! Or, maybe it is just because I love interacting with people and connecting….socializing is one of my best talents, along with eating!

So obviously, Miss Blabbermouth Betty , has to tell everyone one that we were “trying” to get pregnant. I mean, what was the big deal anyways? I would probably be like my mom and sister…Fertile Mrytle’s, right? Wrongggggg!! Little did I know, our journey would take years of ups and downs filled with tears, anticipation, a billion ovulation sticks to pee on, the odd giggle, and some pretty uncomfortable situations ( think paps on steroids😳).

Your know what though, I am happy that I was open about trying because I like being able to share and hear what others go through in life. I dunno, for me being an open book makes me feel like I am not alone.

That being said, once you tell people you and your husband are trying to get pregnant, the flood gates open with some pretty hilarious, down right weird and interesting ways others swear gets you pregnant.

I had heard all the cockamamie ways to get preggers. “Oh, you just need to relax”, “go on a vacation”, and “just get hammered” Oh ok, so fly to Mexico, do some serious meditation and getting absolutely sloshed should do the trick? Ummmm, no dice. I think one of my favourites was, “Hey, my cousin was on antibiotics, and BAM , they are pregnant! You should totally go on antibiotics”. Hmmmmm…..um, no thanks?!

Over these past fews years I ended up trying many weird things. I figured there must be some truth to those goofy old wives tales, countless google sites and peoples advice, right? Wrong in my case.

When I look back though, I have to laugh and give myself an A for effort. Frig, I remember nearly pulling a groin while doing upside down bicycles. Did I really have to do it for so long that I felt dizzy? I never want to have cough syrup again after all the damned spoonfuls I took. Indeed, it is a thing. Apparently many women swear by the certain ingredient that thins mucous…makes sense? πŸ˜‘πŸ˜³). On top of those things, researching and obsessing about all the top fertility foods sure can make you go bonkers!!! Especially, when nothing seemed to work.

I think what I felt the most was defeat. It seems as though everyone else was getting pregnant around me. If it wasn’t the Clear Blue commercial on every bloody 5 minutes, it was all the coworkers, family members and friends announcing they were expecting.

Do not get me wrong, I WAS happy for them all, but could not help but feel envious. Funny enough though, I always always knew it would happen, but was not sure when and by what measures.

The journey continues….